We produce all kinds of wooden handles to shovels, mattocks, rakes, dust-brushes, etc. Our company produces all kinds of wooden handles. These are mainly wooden handles to shovels, mattocks, rakes, dust-brushes, axes and other garden or construction tools. The production process is quite a demanding process which begins by choosing and buying suitable beech round logs which have to meet high requirements for high quality goods. The next production step is cutting the logs with a strap saw. In the first phase of the production the logs are cut into boards/planks and consequently into cuboids/squared logs. The next process is to dry the cuboids/squared logs in dries which are in one of our halls. After the drying process the logs are lathed and grinded on modern Italian wood cutters and grinding machines which meet European norm and standard requirements. The last production phase before the goods are delivered to the customers is the process of packing and labelling the handles with EAN codes. The final goods are then delivered to the buyers within Slovakia, in The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany by our own trucks or via our buyers the goods are sold to other EU countries.

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